Throughout your training year you will be exposed to many opportunities and experiences and although you will primarily be based in your home school there will be plenty of times where you will network with Trainees from across the partnership. You will work together on professional studies and subject days as well as networking at key moments throughout the year and coming together for primary, special and behaviour immersion experiences. Your Mentors, SCITT Leads and Subject Tutors in our partnership as well as the university tutors are all looking forward to working with you throughout your training. Your Mentors will act as your first line of support and will be there to answer your questions, observe and feed back on your teaching and guide you through your studies as you develop into outstanding teachers.

The Teach SouthEast team will be here for you at every step of the way to ensure that you are receiving the training that is best for you.

School-based training aims to develop professional, reflective and effective teachers by encouraging qualities such as creativity, commitment, enthusiasm and intellectual liveliness. We know that following this programme will be very demanding but we hope that you enjoy the experience and feel well prepared for the challenging but highly rewarding job of providing the best education for the young people that we teach.

We are really happy you are training with Teach SouthEast and we are looking forward to the year ahead. We wish you every success.

Amy Harper (Teach SouthEast Director) and all the SCITT Team.

Welcome to our 2019/20 Trainees